Paper goods

This category will introduce you to a world of paper goods – from origami paper, paper bags for kids and parties, and even paper tags. All products are designed by independent Nordic designers with a flair for aesthetics and fun. Whatever your project is, you can find the best paper goods at Nordic Design Collective.

Paper Goods in Fun Designs

Now is the best time to tap into your creativity, or work on a fun project with your children, thanks to our paper goods. This category of paper goods from Nordic Design Collective will appeal to individuals who pay attention to detail and want to tap into their creative side. With these designs inspired by Nordic culture, making every work and art project a true work of art is easy and possible.

Introduce fun activities for your children

Whether you are looking to host a birthday party or simply gathering children where they can play and do activities, our collection of paper goods, including patterned paper bags, can help enhance the environment. Thanks to a playful combination of colourful designs and vibrant illustrations, these paper bags can help you add drama and flair to any planned activity. You can easily assemble or fold these paper bags and fill them up with candies, flowers or gifts. You can also use these bags as instant party invites – just add a tag with a note attached to the bag of fun items and you are good to go!

Time to bring out the inner child in you

While most paper goods are perfect for children’s art projects, items such as origami papers can also appeal to adults who want to explore their artistic side and learn a new craft. As a form of therapy or just fun activity, adults can use these origami papers to create shapes, simple or intricate. These papers can also be used in preparing the materials for parties and other events.

With interesting and quality-made paper products featuring fun illustrations, these paper goods can serve as your best resources to encourage creativity in children of all ages. The designs have a Nordic influence and can add value and character to any project you have in mind!