tea towels

In this category you will find a wide range of beautifully designed tea towels, in a variety of colours. Our collection has been crafted from the softest materials. The towels are also workhorses, absorbing excess moisture from your dishes with ease. Nordic Design Collective brings you high quality tea towels in bright Scandinavian colours and patterns.

Tea Towels to Brighten the Kitchen

There are ordinary towels and then there are Nordic Design Collective tea towels. The difference is that with the latter, you get premium quality fabric in fantastic designs with which to dry your precious kitchenware. Our designers have created an exotic set of tea towels that you and your dishes will simply fall in love with.

Interesting Roots

Historically, ladies of the house would use tea towels to dry off delicate china and expensive tea sets. But the tea towels didn’t only have a practical purpose. The towels were also a way to exhibit the ladies’ embroidery skills. The modern tea towels you find in this category have largely the same purpose, except with these you get to show off your taste in design and your personality, as our selection pays homage to this rich tradition with eye-catching Scandinavian prints.

Soft as A Feather

Our designers understand that tea towels need to reach a certain level of quality before they can be a top-notch product. And that is why they have sourced only the very best linen and cotton materials for their ranges. The softness of our towels is balanced perfectly by their capacity to absorb excess moisture. All you need to do is wipe the fabric across your precious china, and it will be as dry as a bone. In addition to its qualities of quick absorption, the cloth will restore the original sheen of the kitchenware. You will also find that our tea cloths will not leave a single scratch mark on your plates, cups, or utensils.

Mix of Style And Function

The tea towels available at Nordic Design Collective offer a perfect mix of beauty, style, and function. You can use them as dry wipes or as decorative items in your kitchen, and they make great gifts for your friends and family.