Cloths & napkins

Here you’ll find beautiful cloths and napkins in unique Nordic designs. Decorate your dining table with a summery cloth, set the table for dinner with colourful board trays or give the guests high quality napkins with creative designs – whatever you need you will find it here. Exquisite Scandinavian designs add a dose of style, and the superior fabrics are great for wiping off stains and spills.

Cloths & Napkins in Exquisite Designs

At Nordic Design Collective you can find exciting table cloths, napkins and other textiles for table decoration and kitchen use. We work with independent designers from the Nordic countries, who draw on the classic Scandinavian design tradition as well as the wildlife and nature of the region to create their products. As a result, you will find a number of practical and beautiful designs in this category.

Our designers have added just the right amount of colour to transform table cloths and napkins into trendy items. When they sit on the table or on your lap, you may just forget why they are there in the first place. Such is the exquisite combination of Scandinavian design and imagery. In our selection you will find everything from stark black and white designs to colourful patterns and animal prints. These are just as appropriate for everyday use as for more festive occasions.

High On Functionality

The collection of cloths and napkins in this category made from premium fabric or paper. Our designers care for the environment and for people, and often choose to work with certified ecological materials so that you can acquire good design with a clear conscience. Match your table cloths and napkins with other items from the designers you like, for a cohesive style and decor.