Inspired by the need to provide unique and beautiful necklaces, Nordic Design Collective has tapped into the work of independent designers to deliver necklaces in various designs using a variety of materials. Choose from silver, gold or copper as your main material, and be inspired by the selection of pendants for all types of necklaces.

Necklaces by Nordic Designers

One way to add value and character to your clothes and chosen outfits, is to add jewellery, such as a creatively crafted necklace. When the appropriate necklace is chosen based on materials, design and personal style, it can help transform appearances and help boost a personal style. Nordic Design Collective understands this, and offers only the most unique necklaces and accessories that appeals to all kinds of personalities.

Show off your personal style and make a statement

With the use of custom and unique necklaces, it is easier to show off personal style. The great thing about our unique necklaces is that you can find designs and materials that are rarely available in standard designs of necklaces and pendants. Aside from plain silver, copper and gold necklaces, Nordic Design Collective also offers a collection of silver and chrome necklaces with fun, odd and truly unique pendants. This category includes pendants shaped like keyboards, circuit boards, dice and many others. Whatever your lifestyle, you will find the right necklace to enhance your look.

Complete your look with classic necklaces

Classic necklaces and chokers are also available to finish off a classic style, or to add a more neutral statement. These necklaces and chokers are available in gold, silver and copper, making it easier to mix and match these with different cuts and colours of fabric, and complete outfits.

Most of the copper and silver necklaces and chokers are inspired by Nordic styles, and these will not upstage your choice of clothes. Rather, they will help complement the choice of clothes and shoes. Thanks to the talented Nordic artisans working with Nordic Design Collective, you can be sure that your next set of necklaces and chokers will last a long time and serve your styling needs for years.