cufflinks & brooches

Add some sparkle to your personal style with cufflinks and brooches available at Nordic Design Collective. Choose from a wide range of modern, traditional and creative designs. Our collection is chosen to impress, with Scandinavian colours and motifs, whether you need to dress up for an event or looks sharp at the office. Elevate your style with our cufflinks and brooches.

Cufflinks & Brooches

High fashion is more about subtle touches than grand flourishes. What can be subtler than classic cufflinks and brooches? They may not get as much attention as many other standard jewellery pieces, but they do play an important part for your appearance and style. Cufflinks and brooches give you an opportunity to add that finishing touch to your elegant attire. Nordic Design Collective premium collection that will add sparkle to your style, and complete your look.

Subtle Fashion

Imagine you have to attend a black tie event. You are dressed in your finest clothes and your total look is elegant and stylish. Cufflinks and brooches can add a bit of colour and individuality to your outfit, so that you are properly dressed for the occasion but still able to express your own style.

Creative Style

Our designers have channelled the creative Scandinavian spirit for designs that will stand out in a crowd. They have worked with interesting materials to craft the collection. Browse through our category and select from traditional, modern and creative selections. There are the solid rectangular shapes that will always be a winner. How about round designs filled with colour? There are also cufflinks in the shape of keyboard buttons as a nod to the IT crowd, or just fashion aware computer whizzes in general.

At Nordic Design Collective, you will find a rare collection of brooches to complement your style. Choose from a uniquely styled horn bug brooch that is always an attention grabber. It is available in silver and charcoal black. Pin it on any outfit and transform it into a spectacular fashion statement. Another inspired choice is a silver bicycle brooch – totally unique and captivating. These are just some of the options available.

Designed to Impress

The cufflinks and brooches available in this category have been designed to impress. Wear them and your style will be the envy of everyone you meet.