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Looking for your next inspiration for your home improvement project? Browse this category for the latest in various home decorations for your space. Selected for their quality, uniqueness and style points, you can count on our collection of decors for the home to create a living environment where everyone can feel relaxed and happy.

Options for the Home in Scandinavian design

When it comes to home improvement and decorating, people often find themselves facing a blank wall. Should you redecorate the house, introduce a new theme or colour scheme? What is the best set of home decors that can work with the bedrooms and the living room? These are common questions asked by homeowners who are struggling with their choices for what decors and accents to acquire. If these questions are familiar, let this collection of various home decors solve your house decorating woes. With fantastic mixes of various home decors for your space, you can easily introduce a new style and theme. Nordic Design Collective makes home decorating easier, thanks to drift vases, storage jars and other home accents worth adding to your tables and shelves.

Refresh the look of your bedroom and living room

We invite you to browse our exciting selection of wall accents that can add character to your home. Aside from a new paint job, wall accents like drift vases can help create a sense of style and add a dash of colour to the walls. These are made from real driftwood, collected near the shorelines of Skåne, in Sweden, thus adding a real touch of nature to your home. Our independent designers take inspiration from nature and Nordic culture, and every item you bring into your home will introduce a sense of class or creativity, or both.

Table accents are also available, designed by the same Scandinavian designers who are so passionate about the arts, nature and Nordic culture. Sculpture sets, storage jars and wooden flowers are just some of the home decors that are flexible enough to work with any design strategy, and for different parts of your home. Browse our complete selection today, and experience the beauty and functionality of Nordic designs.