This category features unique Nordic textiles designed by our artists. There are a large variety of them to choose from, and they have many different uses. Some are intended to be works of art and hung on the wall, while others are meant to be used around the house. Whichever one you choose; you can be sure that it will add a touch of beauty to your home.

Textiles in Scandinavian designs

The world of textiles is vast, but here at Nordic Design Collective your choices are made easy. There is something special about design influenced by Scandinavian culture, which can be seen by browsing through the textile products that grace our company’s inventory.

There are many types of textiles that can be found here, and you will soon notice that there is something for every occasion. There are styles that have been developed by our designers, that could pass as independent works of art. By bringing these home, you are adding a unique touch of Nordic design to your space. There are textiles with printed designs, as well as others that have designs woven right into the fabric. Textile options include those with plain and subdued colours, as well as ones that are colourful and full of life.

Because textiles play such a large role in so many aspects of our lives, the possibilities for how to use a beautiful piece of cloth are almost endless. Say, for example, you are looking to do a makeover in your home. Changing the curtains or table runners would provide an immediate change to the overall appearance of your rooms. Adding cushion covers and throws is another option for adding nice accents to the design that you already have. If you tend to think outside the box, using textiles as art prints is another way of remaking a space. Whatever approach you happen to take, working with the right textile will make it possible to achieve an almost complete change in mood and style.

Our Scandinavian artists here at Nordic Design Collective are influenced by the culture from which they come, and they expertly bring you a taste of their way of life for a very fair price. Explore the beautiful world of textiles and see what they can do for your home and personal style.