scented candles

This category will help you find the best and most naturally scented candles to be found anywhere. Made with a hint of fragrance, these scented candles are hand-poured in handcrafted glass and containers that add to their glow and glamour. Let our scented candles help you add to the design of your living room or bedroom. Check out the latest products from Nordic Design Collective.

Scented Candles with Natural Aromas

Simply light up a bunch of scented candles, and see the difference they can make. Your relaxing bath time with a book or meditation in the living room, both can be enhanced by marvellous flickering candles – and the beautiful scents are what makes the perfect mood. You can also use these candles to stimulate deep conversation into the night, or simply make them a constant presence in the bathroom. At Nordic Design Collective we carry scented candles that will help you to change both the mood and the atmosphere inside your home.

Candle aromatherapy made easy

By choosing the appropriate and most naturally sourced candles, you can enjoy aromatherapy without having to leave your home. Through aromatherapy, your body and mind can relax, thanks to the scents that are produced. Our scented candles are not your typical mass-produced, chemically scented products. The scents in our candles are not overpowering or sharp, as they have just the right hint of fragrance. You may even smell a hint of nature, since all of our scented candles are made from natural ingredients.

Add a few accents with scented candles

All of our scented candles are housed in creatively designed and handcrafted bottles. Most of our independent designers and artists subscribe to environmentally friendly means of production and recycling, and provide an added touch of Nordic themes. The results are candle containers that are handcrafted, durable and highly attractive. This means that you can count on our scented candles to bring about a stylish change in your home, or simply and instantly change the mood of any room. Whatever you need from scented candles, Nordic Design Collective delivers.