When browsing this category, you will find lighting inspirations that you can use when redesigning or improving your home or office. At Nordic Design Collective we don’t offer lamps that only provide lighting – all of our lamps are designed and made with attention to details, making sure that these lamps can provide drama and character to any room they are used in.

Lamps with Flair and Style

The lighting you use inside your home will not just make you safer and more productive, but it can also help change your mood. Depending on the design of the lamps, the colours used and even their placement, lamps have the power to change the feel and mood of any room. When you want to add function and style to your home, we invite you to browse the collection of lamps by Nordic Design Collective. Because you spend quality time relaxing in your home, you deserve only the best when it comes to home decor items, including lamps. When you check our category for lamps, you’ll be sure to find stylish and highly functional lamps that can help you realize your style dreams.

Work more and be productive with lamps

With our trendy lamps, you can create a good living and work atmosphere, where you can feel at home, productive, and enjoy your time with family or guests. Lamps come in different styles, depending on the roles that they can perform for you. Whether you are looking for task lighting, directional lighting or accent lighting, you can count on our collection to help you complete your home improvement.

Pendant lighting – Let style and function work for you

At Nordic Design Collective, we have partnered with independent designers to come up with a great collection of pendant lamps to match your home’s theme and design. Our pendant lamps are available in plain colours, but you will also find lamps with intricate designs and prints. Some of the lamps feature Scandinavian inspiration, and our independent designers have also come up with many minimalist styles. The result is a fun collection of lamps that reflect the beauty, simplicity and purity of Nordic life. We invite you to browse our collection of lamps for home and office use. Beautiful and functional lamps that can transform your home or office are just waiting to be discovered.