Here you can find hangers for different items around your home. These hangers combine functionality with class and style, a feat that is often difficult to achieve. Whether you choose to use these in your home or office, they will send a very clear message to all who admire them that you are someone who pays attention to the details. We are happy to offer these ingenious hangers to our customers.

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Hangers in Scandinavian designs

When it comes to home furnishings, there are certain things that often go overlooked. Hangers are one of those things that people should, but do not usually, consider an element of a room’s design. There are many different types of hangers that can be put into a home, and depending on where you decide to put them, the shapes, sizes, and designs can vary considerably. Should you decide to explore the options available, we are here to help.

The artists and designers here at Nordic Design Collective bring a touch of Scandinavian class to the world of hangers. When you are trying to create a home or office design that is truly exceptional, it is not advisable to leave even the smallest detail unmanaged. True beauty lies in the details, after all. That is why these custom hangers were created.

What kinds of custom hangers would you put in your home? There are plenty of possibilities, including key hangers that double as shelves that you can put next to your door, coat hangers, and many other possibilities. The materials that they are made of varies greatly, making them suitable for every type of home decor. Why stick to the traditional, plain and simple hangers that seem to say, “My only job is to be functional.” You can have so much more with hangers that are both functional and beautiful. For those of you who care about every aspect of your home’s interior features, these hangers are made for you.

With these unique hangers, interior design with a heavy Nordic influence is what you will get. They are at once beautiful and useful, and will add accents to your home that you never thought were possible. Such simple, yet effective design decisions are a cornerstone of the Nordic Design Collective – and you can incorporate the spirit of Scandinavian ingenuity and culture with the introduction of these wonderful hangers into your home or office environment.