Let this category from Nordic Design Collective be your guide and inspiration for revamping the look and overall theme of your home. With different kinds of home decorations, from paper garlands to a porcelain jewellery dish, renovating and upgrading your home is made easier and more fun, with products in classic Scandinavian designs. Browse our latest collections, and a refreshing new home is within your reach.

Unique Decoration for Your Home

Home decorations should not be over the top expensive. When home decorating is on top of your list, we can help you find the right decors to suit your styling needs and requirements. At Nordic Design Collective we carry some of the best home decorating products that can help you pull off your home improvement project. Most of our decorations can work for individuals who are looking for DIY projects, or for anyone looking for extraordinary and unique decorations for home or office.

Jazz up your rooms with paper garlands with Nordic designs

While paper garlands have been traditionally designed for parties and events, these traditional uses did not stop our independent designers from coming up with fun and creative garlands for home use. We worked with a number of independent designers to create attractive garlands that can be used in any part of your house. Whether you need to redecorate the kids’ room, or you want to add life to the living room, our paper garlands with prints, and in different colours, can make your creative dreams come true. Most of our paper garlands are delivered pre-assembled, thus allowing you to focus your time on the creative process of placing and using these home decorations.

Introduce living room accents as conversation pieces

Home decor comes in many forms, and we carry other decoration options that can help expand your styling list. We also carry fashionable ring cones and porcelain jewellery dishes to help you house your jewellery. We understand how painful it can be to lose or misplace your rings and earrings, so we offer you a stylish solution for this everyday problem. These ring cones and porcelain dishes are made from attractive materials, making them excellent accents and great conversation pieces for when you have guests in your home.