Here you will find cushions and poufs for your home. Whether you are looking for colourful eye-catching designs, or prefer something more solid and timeless, you will find it here. Cushions and poufs are essential for creating a cosy and tranquil environment, where your mind can feel at ease and your body relaxed.

Stylish cushions, for décor, convenience and comfort.

Create an elegant and comfortable living space with the help of cushions from Nordic Design Collective. In the Nordic countries it’s often cold, and the evenings are frequently spent indoors. Because so much time is spent inside, interior design needs to be welcoming and comfortable. This is reflected in our selection of cushions and poufs, as our designers draw from their own experiences to create just the kind of space where they would like to spend a cold winter’s evening or a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Our pillows are perfect both if you simply wish to relax on the sofa and if you would like to support your lower back when sitting on a chair. You can easily create a warm and cosy atmosphere by freely mixing cushions of different designs, colours and patterns. If you’d like something more clean and simple, just stick to one design or colour – there is still plenty to choose from. Our cushions come in different shapes, sizes and colours, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Comfortable home with cushions in Nordic design

Tired of your old sofa? One of the easiest ways to freshen it up is to add a couple of cushions. Not only will it look like new; it will also be even more comfortable to sit in. But cushions aren’t only for the living room – place some cushions on your bed to make it look more inviting, or leave some in your study to use when you need some extra back support. Once you’ve found the cushions that you like, have a look at our throws and carpets to add more cosy textiles to your home.

Our poufs allow you to put your feet up and rest your legs after a long day of work. But the poufs can also be used as an extra chair if needed – perfect for gatherings of family and friend or when you receive unexpected guests.

Our designers know how important it is to create fantastic products with the consumer in mind. Our cushions are made from environmentally friendly materials, and some are even OEKO-TEC 100 certified, which is your guarantee that the product is free from chemicals. Additionally, when shopping with us, you will get your own unique piece of Nordic design and help support our innovative designers in their work.