Check out the latest collection of rugs for your home. Whether you are looking to enhance the look of your office or are planning a major home improvement, our collection of rugs can help you pull off any creative decorating idea. Aside from the creative input and ideas provided by our independent designers, we make sure that all rugs have passed stringent quality requirements.

Carpets in Exciting Designs

Throughout history, rugs have performed functional roles for households and other types of environments. In homes of high aesthetic value, rugs serve both design and function purposes. Rugs are used to cover the floors, protecting floorboards, and can also be used to enhance the look of a house and make it appear more interesting. At Nordic Design Collective, these features and functions of rugs are explored. When you check out the collection of rugs carried by Nordic Design Collective, you will discover rugs designed to protect the floor, as well as rugs designed with intricate artistic detail, making them a valuable investment for any household.

Add character and style to your home

With dozens of rugs to choose from, in different designs and sizes, you can easily pull off a home improvement project that you can be proud of. The availability of so many choices means that you can find specific materials and designs that can work for all your needs. Depending on how the rug is designed and handcrafted, your rug can serve as a neutral floor covering, or as the focal point of your living room, thanks to the use of vibrant colours and bold and intricate textures and patterns. And speaking of textures and patterns, most of our carpets feature Nordic themes, thanks to the work of our dedicated independent designers.

Styling details that promote safety

More than aesthetic extras; adding rugs to your home or office environment can also promote safety. When rugs are used to cover the floors, they can help cushion footsteps, reduce slips and falls, and protect everyone from potential injuries during falls. The use of rugs in your home is a great investment, especially if you have toddlers and young children as members of the household.

Each rug carried by Nordic Design Collective is the product of the creative minds of independent designers. When function and design matters, let these fashionable and Nordic-influenced rugs help you add order and character to your home or office.