If you are looking for beautifully designed and entertaining children’s party accessories that will help the children have a fun time, then look no further. Here you can find a full range of accessories ‒ invitations, masks, crowns, cards, and party bags. All accessories are created by carefully selected and talented independent Scandinavian designers with a passion for creating quality items that children will thoroughly enjoy.

Party Accessories for Children

Looking for inspiration for your child’s party? Look no further – in this category, you’ll find a wealth of wonderful items to help make the party a success. At Nordic Design Collective, we work with gifted Scandinavian designers who have created an assortment of stylish and fun party accessories, with a Nordic touch.

Beautiful masks

Children love to dress up from time to time, and therefore our designers have created a selection of colourful and stylish masks for parents to choose from. These animal-themed masks provide kids with a whale of a time as they pretend to be one of their favourite animals for the day. The masks are made out of durable cardboard that helps them last that little bit longer, and the front of the mask is coated in a lacquer that helps add protection from cups of punch and frosting. Furthermore, the designers have made sure that their products are environmentally friendly.

Wide selection of party accessories

There is also a selection of glasses, golden crowns, animal-themed birthday cards and party boxes to choose from. The glasses are made out of durable cardboard to aid longevity and the crowns are made out of top-quality shiny gold paper and will surely make your child feel like a king or queen. The animal-themed party boxes include masks, balloons, stickers, and party bags – everything you need for a group of happy children! There are also pretty bags in which you can put an assortment of candy and small keepsakes for the young guests to bring with them home.

Celebrations, such as birthday parties, only come round once a year, so why not give your child a day to remember?