PRINTS - 21x30 by WintherLand

WintherLand creates art prints inspired by nature. You will find prints and photo art created in acrylic and through digital editing. New and old techniques combine and what began in the woods reaches its end in a new art print.

At Wintherland you will find posters with a creative expression and nature in focus. All prints are created by me, Anna Winther, owner and founder of WintherLand.

My creative process often begins in the woods and nature, which is my main source of inspiration. The photographs that follow me home from the woods takes a life of its own with the help of digital editing. The end result is a minimalistic, black and white print with a soothing impression and a creative expression.

The posters are eventually printed in different formats, to move to new homes where they hopefully can inspire and if nothing else, bring you a little closer to nature.

PRINTS - 21x30