Earrings by Vigabirgit

Vigabirgit is a unique brand that creates playful handmade jewelry and illustrations. Here you will find that little special thing with a touch of surrealism.

My name is Natalie Shojaei and I'm the person behind Vigabirgit.

I was born with creative hands, whatever I came across I tried to make into something else or make it more beautiful. Creativity was deep in my soul but it all started when i was about nine and went to the Modern museum in Stockholm with school. And there it was, the most interesting peace of art I ever seen. The enigma of William Tell by Salvador Dali. I froze up and couldn't take my eyes off of it. Then I knew that I had to become an artist so I started painting, making art prints, Illustrating books, tattooing and then I came across jewelry making.

The name Vigabirgit comes from an illustration that I created a few years ago, of a acrobatic circus lady. Viga means flexible and Birgit is her name.

Most of my inspirations comes from animals and the old world.

Step right up to the wonderful world of Vigabirgit!


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