Strand by TinaKatarinaH

Tina Häggström is a ceramics artist and designer working under the name TinaKatarinaH. Her pottery sparks emotions, both on the inside and on the outside. TinaKatarinaH lives and works in her studio in the Gamla Hjärsta in Örebro, Sweden.

If it's important it will require courage. My journey to gain enough courage to start my own design business has taken time. I started with evening classes, apprenticeships and training, both in Luleå and at the Carl Malmsten School Capellagården in Öland. Dreams were made and plans were many. But I still didn't dare to make the leap. Courage takes time to build. Instead I continued to study, this time at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm to be a dental technician. I worked as one for a few years. But something was missing. After much thinking I found the courage needed. I resigned. It's so nice to finally make the leap. To put my plans into action and get going. All-in! My name is Tina Häggström, ceramics artist and designer. I'm TinaKatarinaH. My ceramics has a clean design with a lot of feeling. And some surprises. Everything is not as we think it is. There are usually a little more. Hidden.
I also work in other materials and retro building glass lamps. Color, shape, love and a big scoop of courage. That's life. That's TinaKatarinaH.