Fabric by Studio Kajsa Rolfsson

Studio Kajsa Rolfsson create unique interior products with quality, sustainability and love of pattern as its strongest key words. Kajsa Rolfsson lives in the south of Sweden and lets nature and animals be her main source of inspiration. She wants to make everyday life easier and more enjoyable with the help of colorful patterns and fun products.


My name is Kajsa and I want to make weekday life easier and more enjoyable with beautiful homedecor products. The week is after all, most filled with workdays, so lets appreciate them!

Patterns and ornamentation have always fascinated me, there is something special with its rhythm and their ability to tell you something that relates to me. I want to inspire, touch and tell us something with my design, which I think pattern is just an excellent medium.

I’ve studied design and sustainability and textile handicrafts both sewing and weaving. I find inspiration in old handicrafts and in nature and animals.

I live in Skåne in the south of Sweden in the middle of a field with nature and water as my nearest neighbours.

I strive to make my products by good material and to be produced locally, all for the environment. My hope is that my products, aesthetics and quality will stand the test of time, by valued and worn throughout the years!

Feel free to contact me at hej@kajsarolfsson.com

If you want your order wrapt, send me a message. The last day to get your products before christmas is thursday the 15th of december.