SAGA MELINA stands for great design and quality. We design unique jewellery with an awareness of the body and most of the jewellery's are related to buildings in different parts of the world that has inspired us. Among Sweden, Japan and Spain. All jewellery are handcrafted in Sweden . 10% of profits are given to charity annually.

SAGA MELINA was founded by Saga Gevargez in 2014. A traffic accident in 2011 got Saga damaged and changed her life. She could no longer continue her work for the UN. The damage to the brain took her good memory, but instead she got a flowing creativity. She began practicing silversmithing and stone mount. With a great passion for creating modern jewellery she began customizing jewellery and sold through social media. This was the beginning of the brand SAGA MELINA.

"I attach great importance to craftsmanship and functionality. Each piece is created to exude confidence and promoting an individual style " .

- Saga Gevargez