Tiny Twinkle by Qvist Jewellery

Handmade jewellery made by the sheer love of metal. Where craftsmanchip, vivid dreams and distant memories comes together.

"As a child I found something on a dirty workshop floor that would be the beginning of a great love..I still remember how the smell of iron made me nauseous.It was a welding residual and it was the most precious thing I had ever seen."

I rediscovered the welding residual this summer at my parents house, hidden in a tiny white plastic box with golden letters and pink cotton inside , 20 years after first finding it!

That must be true love and a great inspiration!That´s what Qvist Jewellery´s about. 
All handmade brass and silver jewels inspired by the sheer love of metals and memories, dreams, places and the cultural craftsmanship found across the world with it´s unique colorful shapes and patterns.

Tiny Twinkle

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