Architecture by Pop-in Local graphics and clothing

Andreas is a designer and runs the little shop Pop-in in Gothenburg. With interest in architecture, pop art and graphic design he captures the city in colorful graphic illustrations.

My name is Andreas and runs a small shop in Gothenburg, which focus 100% on local designers in graphic print.
I myself am one of the creators and works with identity, attitudes and recognition.

I fled the small town for a life in the city of Gothenburg and always has the city as a starting referens for new products and projects.

We see more and more of segregation in Sweden's major cities, a common denominator I have worked with are public transport and maps.

Everyone feels something for the subway line or tram line they have gone with, or the area they are living in, and easily creates an identity around this.

Hi. I will have holidays until, I will send your order earliest July 31th . Have a nice summer / Andreas