Art Print by Patternplan

Mix and match, create your own personal wall with prints from Pattern Plan. Anette Carlsson Moberg is the creator and designer of the creative platform Patternplan. Her colourful paintings are the starting point for the design projects. Filling a canvas with layers of colour and texture inspired by the landscape. Curiosity and exploring are the two key words for the creative process!

I'm the designer who longed for home. I needed to let the taste of the landscape and the colours of the small community seep into my artistic endeavours and design solutions. To see the big in the small and to welcome all who want to visit me.
My name is Anette Carlsson Moberg, living outside Varberg in Sweden. Here I've started my creative business built on the foundations of my design career. The creativity is the source and it covers many different areas of expertise. I call my company Patternplan. Welcome!

Art Print