Origin Collection by Pargo Jewelry

Parisa Gol is a jewelry designer based in Sweden, creating modern conceptual jewelry collections. Her designs combine her love for Scandinavian Design with her personal and cultural background.

Hi and welcome to Pargo Jewelry, a small studio in Sweden focused on designing and making modern conceptual jewelry collections.
My name is Parisa Gol, an Iranian designer who moved to Sweden in 2009 to continue my education in Industrial Design. I launched my first jewelry collection in 2014. My designs are simple yet sophisticated. I like to create jewelry for modern women, something to add a bit of elegance to their daily style.
With a background in product design, I see every collection as a design project. There are different technologies and methods used for creating each collection, but each and every piece is polished and finished by hand at my studio.
Intrigued by the raw beauty of nature and its transformation in time and by season, I take my inspirations mainly from nature.
To that, I add my desire for storytelling and symbolism and start drawing. I spend hours developing the sketches and making them simpler each time. The result is minimal Scandinavian design, with conceptual meaning behind each piece.

Origin Collection

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