Postcards by nouchii

nouchii is a Scandinavian design studio established in 2015 by Laya Sadegh and Margareta Noyan. They create designs based on their unique patterns and illustrations.

nouchii was established in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden, by childhood friends Laya Sadegh and Margareta Noyan with the aim to provide designs based on our unique patterns and illustrations. Some of our collections are in limited edition, numbered and signed by hand. 

The concept of nouchii was born in Melbourne, Australia in 2010 where Laya studied graphic design. During that time, Laya developed her passion for creating patterns and illustrations, and there was something very intriguing in the idea of making designs out of the patterns she loved to create. Years went by and the dream of nouchii was always with her and too close to heart not to listen to. So one night, she shared her vision with her childhood friend Margareta and after a good dinner, laughters and talking about the future, Margareta said ”let’s make nouchii happen!”

Said and done, the first collection of posters was launched in the summer of 2015. We look forward to in the future take our patterns to a wider range of designs.

We are so excited to launch this dream and hope you will join us on our journey! We can’t wait to see what the world holds for us.

/Laya & Margareta


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