by Momema's

Momema's playware - functional freedom for colorful kids. Momema's is a Swedish brand that creates street inspired clothing for ages 2-12. Our cool shapes, soft fabrics and quality makes us unique. We want children to have the freedom to choose garments that will express who they are!

Clothing is one of many ways of expression! "My son was a free spirit until he started preschool. Then he learned that pink was a color for girls and that boys can't have finger nail polish." My idea with Momema's clothing is that children should be allowed to be as they are and choose their look without dividing it into girls apparel or boys apparel. The world would be a much more exciting place if more people had the courage to be themselves! Momema's vision is a world where children can be children without always being defined by their gender! It's a big and probably impossible vision, but I'm doing what I can to contribute. Clothes may seem to have a minor role, but that is not the case, clothes and colors characterize our lives right from the cradle.
/Karolina Schubert, Momema's founder and designer

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