Shapes by Lumitoro

Lumitoro Jewelry is about creating an experience for the wearer and her audience with designs that compel exploration. Each iconic piece tells a story and invites touch. By combining state-of-the-art 3D printing with traditional craftsmanship, Lumitoro create pieces that sparks curiosity and ignites conversation. It is the statement brand for women to celebrate their individuality.

My name is Roberto Chaves, Lumitoro founder and designer. Fluent in Swedish, Finnish, Spanish and English, I’m a photographer with over 10 years of experience perfecting my extreme close-up photography technique.
I now apply the inverse of this thinking in my jewelry, inviting and inciting the same curiosity. A software engineer and SuperGroup member with Research International, I’ve led game-changing work in virtual reality and 3D.
My background, a masterful fusion of art and science, is the essence of Lumitoro.
Each Lumitoro piece was conceived on paper, meticulously rendered and printed using the latest 3D technology and tested on the necks, wrists and fingers of the women who inspire me:

From the way a bracelet reflects light to a necklace’s fit and the degree of polish on the material used for a ring, I’ve spent countless hours imagining and re-imagining to create a finished piece worthy of its wearer.
I am the ‘snow bull’ from which Lumitoro got its name.


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