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Kumvana Gomani Holmberg is a Swedish based designer based in Sweden. My brand specifically works with the ethos of fair trade and sustainable production. We work with various global artisans to create modern Nordic designs for the market. Being a socially motivated brand specialized in hand made goods. Inspired by Nordic simplicity my ambition is to design high quality, beautifully products that not only are stunning but have a history. Each of our items are hand crafted by our Artisan family crafters. Enjoy

Kumvana Gomani is a Swedish-Canadian designer whose work is driven by her passion for beautiful objects, sweet memories, diverse cultures and great stories. Her collection, which includes jewelry, accessories and lifestyle products, draws upon her journeys to Cambodia, New Zealand, Africa, India and other countries across the globe. She combines her love of color and form with an appreciation of Scandinavia’s cool, sleek design to create a objects as unique as her own background and the countries she has called home.

An essential aspect of her design philosophy is ensuring that her creations are manufactured according to strict ethnical guidelines that neither exploit local producers nor harm the environment. She regularly works with artisans in the developing world to support local economies.


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