Colourful Scandinavian design for the fun, fearless, fabulous home.

ELCE STOCKHOLM is the interior lifestyle brand for the stylish consumer seeking colorful modern design. All our products are designed in our in-house studio and manufactured by carefully selected partners. Our collections are known for the mix of fabulous colors and sophisticated patterns - inspired by the most beautiful places on Earth.

Geometric progressions are found everywhere around us: in nature, on old mosaic walls, in water movements, in the world of mathematics and science. They create a sense of continuity, organization and balance. All in all, geometric patterns create harmony and bold statements at the same time.

We collect the inspiration from our travels around the world - and each collection is named after one of our favorite spots. We truly believe in dressing spaces in colorful, playful textiles that are easy to change according to your state of mind. Our collections grow continuously with whatever prints and colors we find inspiring and beautiful!


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