50x70 cm by Caro-lines

My name is Caroline Salde. I call myself photographer, graphic designer and creator: the work is found under the name "Caro-lines" - Carolines lines.

For very long I was trying to figure out a really good name for business and my webshop. I was sitting at cafés sipping coffee - that is where I get a lot of inspiration from: people, overhearing words, fragments of conversations, fashion, sounds, design, impressions and moods. And food.

One day it was so clear: a simple hyphen. Caroline --> Caro-lines, my lines. So, Caro-lines is photographs, illustrations and wordart interpreted by me. Most of the art / images / photographs / samesame are inspired by nature and people are less frequent in the end product.

I always want to have that "nice feeling" when a new product is done, then I know that I am satisfied and it represents Caro-lines. I hope that my audience and customers get that feeling to, that you connect with the art and that it gives you a meaning, a connection and "the nice feeling" too, between you and the art.

Every time someone orders a print from me, I feel se grateful and appreciated. It really makes me a stronger person, that I create art that other people can feel, want and put in their homes. Or give away as gifts, since you should only give away what you want yourself.

Welcome to Caro-lines.

Orders made until July 18th will be sent then!

50x70 cm