Notebooks by Blacklines

BLACKLINES is the alias of the Swedish illustrator and graphic designer Shadi Khosravinejad. She creates stunning illustrations with infinite details by only using fineliners. Her illustrations are often revolving around the themes of nature and animals. Shadi is a young working bee based in Malmö with a bachelors degree in Visual Communication. Ink and paper are her best friends and becoming an artist has always been her biggest childhood dream.

My name is Shadi Kh Andersson and I work under the alias BLACKLINES. I'm a young illustrator and graphic designer based in Malmö, Sweden, with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication. All my illustrations are drawn by hand with thin fineliners in order to create infinite details. Lines, geometric shapes and symmetry is something that characterizes my style. I'm extremely picky and always ensure that my art prints is of high quality, so that each print feels unique.

I also work with other design projects together with different brands. In recent years I've had the chance to do projects for companies such as Verameat in New York, Magnesia in Barcelona, ​​T-shirt store in Malmö and Syster Boheme in Hedemora. My big passion is to create and I've been drawing since childhood. To now get to work with what I find absolutely best is like a crazy dream!

Want to know more? Follow my creative journey on instagram: @blacklinesart