Christmas by Away from the city

Away from the city is a small Aarhus-based design company, selling posters and cards. It’s founders, Maria and Nelli, strive to enrich people in their prints. They seek inspiration in the nordic wilderness and lust for adventure. Through their many travels, they have felt the blood rushing through their veins and have lost themselves in their surroundings and experiences. AFTC’s target audience are people, who find peace and balance in a busy life, when breathing the fresh air in the great outdoors.

An adventure for everyday life

We strive to enrich people's lives with our prints. When you stand in front of one of our posters, you will experience something very special. Longing and deep emotions are awoken. We take inspiration from our own travels, where we have felt the excited beat of our hearts, intoxicated by the landscape and the pure joy of being part of it.

We have always been driven by the desire to see and explore the wonderful world, discovering its hidden beauty – seeking out and becoming immersed in its rich detail. So that we may grow as individuals. So that we may understand. So that we may try to comprehend the enormous beauty.

When we create our designs, we step into another world. We hope you will come with us, and explore that wonderful world.

This journey has no limits, only dreams in which we reach the very stars, new made in all their bright impossible nearness.

Nelli Arnth & Maria Ernst
Away from the City


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