Nature & animals

Bring the best of nature right into your living room with our nature themed artwork. Choose from posters, prints, illustrations, and wall hangings. There are exquisite motifs, abstract templates, and pastoral shades. You will find a piece that exactly suits your style. Add a touch of Scandinavian wilderness to your decor.

Nature & Animals: Serenity in Art

There is something about nature that helps us to reduce our stress, and blesses us with a calm, serene mood. Whether you go for a walk in the woods or simply stare at a flowering bush, an encounter with nature will immediately lift your mood.

Many of us do not have the luxury of living close to nature. The urban landscape is where we spend most of our lives, jostling for space, and searching for some peace and quiet. Nordic Design Collective has come up with a solution that will bring the best of nature right inside your living room.

Nature and Art

Art has always been inspired by flora and fauna, as well as landscapes and wilderness. In this category we have curated an exclusive selection of some of the best nature-inspired artwork.

Browse our selection and you will find exquisite Scandinavian motifs and prints in a variety of colour palettes and designs. There are wall hangings, graphic prints, portraits, and posters. The wide selection offers you a variety of styles, and you can pick and choose to exactly match your taste.

A Splash of Creativity

If you like the more abstract varieties of art, a vertical wall hanging with a minimalist design filled with strokes of pastel colours is something you should definitely check out this category. The intriguing style of artwork like this is a definite conversation starter. You could also select from a wide range of distinguished charcoal prints. They represent nature at its bare minimum: an autumnal tree, a single butterfly, or a path leading to the woods. There are also unique animal prints that will add a special aura to any room.

Style with Nature

Add a splash of style and reduce stress at the same time with our unique nature-inspired artworks.