food & drink

Within this category, you will find amazing art prints that feature foods and drinks. The art is influenced heavily by Scandinavian culture and style, and we are proud to offer these prints to you. Hang these prints in the dining area of your home or restaurant, or in the kitchen of your home. Wherever you choose to display them, they are sure to add a wonderful feeling to your eating space.

Food and Drink Art Prints

Among the long list of art on offer at Nordic Design Collective is a special collection of food and drink inspired art that captures both the beauty of food and the Nordic style created by the artists.

There are many places that would benefit from artistic prints of food and drink. Imagine for a minute that you are the owner of a restaurant. One challenge that every restaurant owner faces is how to compliment the food that they serve with an image that suits their intended customer base. With the right art on the walls, the experience that the customers share becomes truly memorable. Another place that would benefit from food and drink art would, of course, be your own kitchen or dining area. Who said that art belongs only in the sitting room and hallways? With a painting inspired by Scandinavian culture, your kitchen can get the Nordic flavour that it deserves.

Do you suppose someone would be tempted to buy a food-and-drink-themed piece of art if they were not avid cooks or restaurant owners? The answer to that is pretty simple – yes. Most people simply love food and drink and could look at it all day long. Food is, after all, one of the most important parts of our lives and it makes a wonderful subject for artists everywhere. This can be easily seen by looking at some of the art in the most famous art museums around the world. Food is, and always has been, a centrepiece of human existence, and, portrayed attractively, it can be truly beautiful.

Regardless of where you are in the world, it is now very easy to get a taste of Scandinavia right in your own home. The artists at Nordic Design Collective bring a bit of Scandinavian culture to the world of art and it is now yours for the taking.