Fashion & people

In this category you will find a wide range of artwork featuring people and fashion. Capturing expressions that reveal much more than silence, there are caricatures, illustrations, and hand drawn portraits to choose from. Your home decor will receive an instant facelift when your walls feature artwork from our premium selection.

Fashion & People – Stylised Art

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, and a single expression can convey much more than anything you say. Imagine if the two got together, how much would then be conveyed.

Nordic Design Collective brings to you a selection of some distinguished illustrations and prints that focus on people and fashion. All you need is a single piece of artwork from this exclusive collection to add a splash of style to your walls.

A Unique Expression

If faces are something that interests you, then you will simply love our collection of artwork that focuses on fashion and people. In this section you will find hand drawn caricatures, illustrations and some interesting graphic designs. We have brought together some of the best offerings from Scandinavian artists, in a wide mixture of styles – from the bold and daring to the soft and ethereal.

Faces and Fashion

Our large selection offers you a wide range of perspectives. You will be able to pick a piece that accurately reflects your style and personality. If you prefer the faraway look, you will find faces and expressions that convey that feeling. You can choose from black and white profiles to portraits featuring a splash of colour. Then there are faces that look straight at you, looks that are not meant to intimidate, but simply to bare their soul to you.

Illustrations of fashion and people are a staple of trendy interior design with a retro feel but can also work well together with more classical pieces. They make wonderful additions not only to the home, but also to office environments where you want to add some colour and personality to the walls. Browse through our selection of fashion and people art and find a piece that works for you.